Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tour De Trees

Welcome to our Christmas Home Tour! Christmas is a big deal around our house, and we love to decorate! Here is a little photo tour for those we don't get to have visit over the holidays!

These are the three little trees that are in our entryway.

walking down the hallway from the entrance is this arch/doorway where I like to tape up all the Christmas cards we get. It makes me feel popular, which I only feel about 2 weeks out of the year when I'm getting lots of Christmas cards.

This is that archway from the otherside-from the family room. It's lit up real purdy. To the left you can see the doorway to the office.

The office I was mentioning both above and below. This is our "formal" tree filled with lots of colored balls, snowflakes, poinsettias and angels. Matt has the lights programmed to about three different songs, but we can also just set it for all the lights to be on, as in this picture.

This is the "pencil tree" that is in the dining room. Also known as our "giving tree," it is decorated with ornaments that I buy to give away to everyone who comes to our house over the Christmas season. (assuming I remember to offer it to you before you leave!).
The dining room and dining table. When we got our floors tiled this fall, Matt put an outlet in the middle of the floor, so we could do something like this. The cord is ran up thru a tiny space between the leaves of the table and then ran under the table-runner. I love how this turned out, it was our first year getting to do our table this pretty!
The tree in the basement, with most of the "pretty" a.k.a breakables on it.
The family room, with a cozy fire, my Santa collection, our "fun" tree loaded with airplanes, Disney, Hallmark, and homemade ornaments, and the awesome stockings my Mother In Law made for us last year. That woman is handy with her embroidery machine. She's made me a mantle scarf with amazingly detailed Santas on it that I will get to put up next year too.

Also scattered around the house are various knicknacks, our snowglobe collection, and a good collection of the (claymation/original) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cartoon figurines. A few "Christmas Story" figures here and there, as well as a Disney village, and a tree in Brooke's room. I have a regular village but just don't have a good place for it right now with Hannah.
And finally, the Reason for it all. The Nativity. The Baby Jesus, born in a dusty dirty manger, sent here to save us, God's love in flesh. More on that tomorrow... But here is my nativity.
To cap off this photo tour, I'd like to give away a little prize. The winner will recieve a $5 gift certificate/e-certificate for (assuming they still do those, I haven't checked for awhile). This is where I get most of my pictures printed, and so this will get the winner on their way to actually getting some of the pictures from this Christmas albumed, etc.
To enter the contest; please leave a comment answering this question: What was on your Christmas list this year? Winner will be announced sometime on Christmas day, entries taken until 11p.m cst on Christmas Eve!
Now, cross your fingers for a white Christmas!


akhartschen said...

Looks beautiful as always! I had a camera on my list this year because my old one broke. Merry Christmas!!!!

Jodi said...

Because I have a 2 year old and a cat. . .both which have a tendency to vomit, I asked for a steam cleaner AND a SpotBot. It'll be a clean New Year. LOL.

Love your decorations. . .they look beautiful!

alli said...

On my list... a better/faster laptop!

Happy Holidays!

Jennifer Gragg said...

Definitely a new laptop -- and I got it! :-) NOT hoping for a white Christmas here tho (father-in-law does snow removal, so our family get togethers would have to be re-scheduled). Merry Christmas Angie!

Sarah said...

how crazy that you have time to put all that stuff up! we barely got our one christmas tree decorated in time for santa!

Michelle said...

I'm too late for the give-away, but wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the dinning table decorations! Beautiful!