Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nudist Colonies

I've been thinking... (Matt always gets worried when I start a conversation like that).

Do nudist colonies really exist? I know there are some nude beaches, but what about nudist colonies?

How did my random train of thought get here? Simply by thinking of the several things that people in nudist colonies don't have to worry about:

1. Tanlines, or lack thereof.
2. Their children growing out of clothes faster than they can buy them.
3. Their child being long waisted, so even the "fits great" jeans still show plumber butt when she sits down.
4. they never have to wonder when their favorite pair of, well-broken-in, jeans is going to bite the dust i.e rip in the crotch, lose the button, etc. that's such a travesty, when we have to say goodbye to great jeans.
5. they probably don't have a drawer full of things that are just a little too tight.... probably because they don't need clothes at all
6. Matching. So not a problem.
7. Getting dressed in time for the bus. So not a problem. there's no "hurry up and get your socks on!" going on in the homes of a nudist colony.

Do you think people in a nudist colony are fat or skinny? Do you think they care? Do you think they see some people coming and go "ooh! put some clothes on!"

I was just wondering. I'm nothing if not random!

An appropriate posting, don't you think, for a day where the high is going to be 15 degrees? For the record, no nudist colony experimentation going on in this house today :)

Make it a great one!

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ScouterG said...

Just an FYI for you. The term 'colony' is no longer used. Nudists or 'naturists' may gather at clubs or resorts set aside for the purpose of clothing-free recreation in a family-safe environment. Nudists don't 'prance' or 'cavort' or anything like that, anymore than clothed or 'textile' people would.