Friday, December 4, 2009

Go ahead, call me brilliant

If there's one thing I have hated about getting ready in the mornings (well besides getting up at 710 a.m.), it is getting a sandwich made for Brooke's lunch. I love lunchables. But some days, we just don't have any!
Since Brooke was little, we've cut the crust off her bread. We were eating whole-wheat bread then and actually, even I don't like the crust on that. Right now I'm on a regular-wheat bread kick, so she could probably eat the crust. But our oldest child is a MAJOR creature of habit, and to get her to eat it at this point-- not going to happen.
You might say, let her pick her own crust off, she's five. True true. But Brooke also rushes through things, and is not real meticulous, so if I did that, she would eat MAYBE half a sandwich by the time she was done. It's just better for me to cut it off.
I hate the mess that crust-cutting causes. I hate forgetting that I need to cut the crust off and throwing the mayo knife into the sink. And then -sigh- I need to wash it off or get a new one.
About two weeks, I had an epiphany. Here it is for you in pictorial form.
Joila-- a happy uncrusted sandwich in perfect form. I did it one day and Brooke was tickled pink at her round sandwich. It works best with the big rubber-handled metal cookie cutters like this one. One day she might open that lunch box and find a sunflower! I should get a Christmas tree one. BUT the CIRCLE really creates very little waste beyond the crust, and it's made sandwich making a whole new ballgame around here.
Okay so perhaps it is not brilliance.... but would it kill you to call me brilliant anyways? just to humor me!?

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Michelle said...

Brilliant! For a while I was really good about doing a similar thing w/ the girls sandwiches on Fridays - it could be seasonal (pumpkins, leaves, etc.) or whimsicle (fish, dinosaur, etc.). They loved it! If it was a design that didn't use up much of the sandwhich I would trim the remaining piece and make "sandwhich fingers" (think chicken fingers but pb&j) to pack along. BUT, I bet you have waaay better cookie cutters than mine!