Friday, February 27, 2009


I am going on my Disney cruise in 64 days. Yipppeeeee! We actually leave in 61 days, but don't set sail for 64 days. 63.5 since it's so late in the day.

We have friends going with us as well and today my girlfriend asked me when we were going to go shopping for the big trip. Of course we "must" get some new clothes (and really-must is the correct term for Matt's wardrobe especially). I don't want to really go shopping for at least another month in hopes that I can--Please God give me WILLPOWER-lose at least 10 more pounds before I go shopping. I want to lose 20 more pounds before we go on our trip, but I think my willpower-less February has greatly sabotaged that goal. ANYWAYs the question then is- do we try to carve out time to go to Kansas City and shop, or try to find what we need here?

I'm kind of thinking that maybe a long day of shopping in Wichita, where I am not worried about getting home or on the road at any particular time, might have to do the trick. Life is looking pretty busy the next 64 days, especially on the weekends. And part of me thinks, if I'm going to spend some money, shouldn't it be to the benefit of Wichita's economy and not KC's? :) I'm not one to usually think that way, but I'm coming up with all the reasons that I need not pout about not getting a chance to go shopping in Kansas City. Surely we can find everything we want somewhere here!

Here's my shopping list for the cruise; some sexy black strappy sandals that will go with all my dinner outfits, so I only have to pack one pair of dress shoes. A pair of black capris that will go with a few "dressy" tanks I've already purchased. Some casual clothes. Some casual and dressy clothes for Matt. Actually my shopping day will probably end up with more money spent on him than me. But...I would like to find perhaps one more dress that is fancier for "formal" night. The stuff I have will pass just fine for that night if accessorized well, but I just want to keep my eye out for something that might really entice me.

I really didn't have anything that I wanted to write about today, so this is what you get. Brooke's been hacking away and has been on breathing treatments. Her appetite is gone and her attitude is not great. Hannah's appetite has been a roller coaster the last few days and her teeth (or lack thereof) are hurting her a lot. I didn't feel like doing anything this afternoon while Brooke was at grandma's and Hannah was taking her 3 hour I didn't do much but read a novel. I deserve that every now and then. But I didn't feel like writing in great detail about all that... so I rambled about nothing all that interesting... :)

Have a good weekend!

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