Monday, February 23, 2009

Hannah, Then and Now

Yes I will blog all about Brooke one of these days...but Hannah's birthday was yesterday so I'm going to blog about her again! :)

Hannah--a year ago....we had Hannah's birthdate set as February 22nd. I was being induced b/c apparently I have a mild case of high blood pressure. I can't imagine my weight having a single thing to do with that! Anyways... I did not want to have a leap day baby, so we picked Feb 22nd since that was exactly two weeks early and it was a Friday. Pregnancy was good the whole time, and the doctor expected labor and delivery to be "much better/easier" than what I'd reported Brooke's to be. We arrived at Wesley at six a.m. that day...that's when our doctor's office told us to get there. However, we sat in the waiting room for at least an hour because it was close to shift change and they didn't have anything ready for us..including a room! As soon as we got into our room- at about 715 a.m., my doctor popped in and told them to get my pitocin going. All day long, they kept upping the pitocin a little bit at a time, and we were getting nowhere fast. I sat dilated at about a 5 all day long. I even got my epidueral before I really was in much pain--hoping that would relax me and move things along. No such luck. They were almost to a 40 on the pitocin (the highest they go) and there was some concern we may end up needing a C-section (a thought that totally freaked me out). The doctor came in at about 3:30p.m. to check me... I said I was starting to get pretty uncomfortable and my back was hurting--perhaps we should increase the epidueral? She checked me and said "how about we just deliver the baby instead?!" I said uhhhh-okay! In a flurry like I've never seen before, I was pushing about 10 minutes after she said that, and two pushes later...Hannah came flying out at 347p.m.! And flying out is meant quite literally! My OB caught one arm and the resident caught a leg, then there was a little juggling act before they finally got a firm grip on her! I was so happy our sweet baby was here and healthy (and had a much easier delivery than her big sis did!). I loved the OB I had with Hannah. I'd totally have another baby just because she was so awesome. (but, we are not having another baby!). Hannah nursed like a champ and was such a sweet little thing. She was short, so cute, had tons of hair. We brought Hannah home in a snowstorm the night of Feb 23rd...we didn't get released until after 7 p.m., so we just came home and let Brooke stay one more night at grandma and grandpas.

 still a sweet little thing, still short and cute and with tons of hair. We thought Brooke was a pretty laid back kid until we had she REALLY is laid back. Though Matt likes to say she is bossy and opinionated, she's good spirited about it all. She loves to play with balls and with babies. She doesn't have any teeth yet. She is so close to walking, we really think just a few more weeks! She does not snuggle a lot- she is "too busy" for that... but she always has a smile. She is not a champion eater...fruit, breads, crackers, cheese, and sometimes chicken are usually what we can get in her. We are hoping she outgrows that phase! We have discovered in the last few weeks-with some fabulous weather-that Hannah LOVES playing outside and is going to want to be pushed in the swing all the time like Brooke did. Her feet are little but tall/fat so a lot of shoes don't fit her. Thank goodness for pedi-peds. She doesn't really like any other shoe besides that kind either! She loves taking a bath with her big sister. She can be crabby crabby crabby (a.ka. tired tired tired) and we stick her in the tub with Brooke and she's happy as a clam. She is a mommy's girl. (which is nice, since brooke is a daddy's girl).
We love you Hannah! You are a wonderful daughter and little sister!

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Happy Birthday Hannah!