Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love-Hate Relationships....

As I was just cleaning up our Valentine's Dinner (which we had at home because we elected to have our Valentine date last weekend)...I got to thinking about Love-Hate relationships. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I have a lot of them. Fortunately not too many of them are with actual people. If there is someone I don't love, chances are I simply do not like them. I rarely use Hate for people. Though there are a handful of persons who would fall into this category--- the old classmate that "I just love" but I "hate" that they are so crass and crude sometimes... the old friend that I "just love" but I hate that they can't seem to keep in touch to save their life.

I do however, have some serious love-hate relationships with things.... I love love love it...hate hate hate that it makes me gain weight. I love the convenience of a cell phone, but I absolutely hate it when it rings when I am at home. When I'm at home, I want to be called on my home phone, not my cell. I know..neurotic. I love to cook, and therefore Love this new grill pan I got for Christmas... but this is what I hate about it:

Cleaning it sucks. I hate hate hate it. I wonder if they make disposable grill pans. And I hate the stove it is on... I really want a new stove. But chances are, when I get a new will be one of those flat-top ones...and guess what. Can't use the grill pan on a flat top stove. Thus the love-hate cycle continues!

Right now this pan is sitting in my sink with some water on it. I love that I can stick it in there and let it soak. I hate that it will still be there later, and no matter how long I procrastinate it, most certainly it will be me who cleans it up!

I love my family. Nothing to hate about them. Love love love them. Wish some of them were closer. Love my girls. Having trouble with a few "stages", but I don't hate any of it. I am really trying to soak it all up. Even Hannah's refusal to eat anything but cheese, crackers and fruit. okay so maybe I hate that a little bit. It's stressing me out.
So the point, or maybe the question here is...what do you have a "love-hate" relationship with. An appropriate question for Valentine's day!? And if it is a person... maybe you can work on improving the hate part. Life is short after all... we never know if we get another day/hour/breath. Tell me what your love-hate is. You'll get a brownie point.
Here's a pic of my girls and I from today. I love my girls. I won't start talking about what I hate about me in this pic. I hate that the only time I am documented in photos in my girls' life is when I hand off the camera and say "HERE. TAKE A PIC of me with them!". Of course, the flip side might be a lot more pics of me that I don't like. But this one is okay...

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