Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I shared this picture on facebook but thought I'd post it here. For my 3 readers..lol...

Last week baby Cora was laid to rest...and shortly after that, God sent us this gorgeous Double Rainbow. It's not often that there is a double rainbow, let alone one that I see, and have my camera handy for. I know it was God and angel Cora sending their love to the aching hearts left here on earth since her passing. I hope her mom and dad saw it. I sent the pic to my friend who fwd'd it onto them. I think about them a lot. And I am truly soaking up every minute with Hannah, having more patience with Brooke, etc. I hope you're soaking up your kids too. And if you still haven't heard about Cora's Playground-her memorial- you can click the button on the side and go to the Etsy shops that are selling items with proceeds going to her honor.
I'm getting ready to go do my wii fit. If you have a wii, but not a fit yet, there are some things you should know about it. It's fun...and humbling! I have far worse balance than I thought. It's a real warm fuzzy moment, when-after you step on the balance board and it does your weight and body test, your little Mii figure on the screen has it's belly pooch out of the shirt. Thanks for the visual reminder that yes I indeed have a belly! I was wondering if any of you people who are super skinny, does your mii's belly suck in and make you look like you have an eating disorder? Has anyone been told they are underweight? Well...maybe I don't want to know that...! Our cruise is in 9 weeks and I'd prefer to not have a belly pouching out of my clothes...haha. So on the days I don't get to the Y...I'm going to Wii. Wish me luck. Actually-wish me luck on what does and does not go into my mouth....that is the true problem...Maybe my mii's belly will shrink someday...but apparently it thinks I have a long ways to go!
Have a fabulous day. Leave me a note. Anyone out there?


www.SugarSpiceDesigns.Com said...

Hey Angie - we have a wii fit too. I agree on the balance part - I suck! Strangely enough Devin is awesome on it and loves playing the games.

Abby said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! First two comments from complete strangers, how fun! I love Wii fit - we don't have a Wii but all of our friends do. My favorite game so far is dodgeball, least favorite is that guitar one - I have been booed off the stage twice. :)