Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scary Night

Scary day / night in the midwest yesterday. I had family in Iowa with flooding yards, and family in Iowa in a town that got hit with a tornado.
And of course, Wichita got hit by a tornado too. I think that might have been the scariest night since I've lived in Wichita. Honestly can say that it is the first time we've 'taken cover' all the way into the bathroom in the basement. Usually we just go down to the family room. Hannah slept thru the whole thing (on the couch cushions. in the bathtub). Brooke was a little nervous when we first got her up but quickly settled in with her nook to wait it out.
The three of us quickly discovered that nerves make us have to pee. Not timely.
The storm passed about three or four miles to our west, and it cut a diagnol path, so about two miles north of us got hit too.
This is a picture of one of the plants where Matt works, borrowed from my friend Russell's facebook page. Not pretty.
But other than the 'trees uprooted, power lines down" and reports such as that, I thought I'd share what we drag into the basement with us when there is a tornado warning. It's not quite your usual list. We take what's important to us....
In no particular order!
Max the furball made it through his first tornado in the bathroom with us. He was kind of all over the place, until we brought in his beanbag and he got settled into it.
The travel docs for our upcoming vacation!
I always grab all the CD's and flash drives that have all of our pictures in them. Honestly the first non-living thing I think of.
The munchkins of course! They don't really want to go to OZ! We had put the girls to bed so they could get a little sleep, and then took them downstairs about 10p.m, in the bathroom about 10:15. Hannah slept thru the entire thing. This was this morning. Wasn't so bright and cheery last night!
Shoes, jackets, lantern, and leash. I'd always be one to not think about details like shoes and jackets. But yeah, if your house gets blown over, you're gonna want some shoes to wear!
A little sustenance. Dog food and people food. We had some granola bars and bottles of water down there too. I always joke that if I was going to be stranded on an island I'd take peanut butter. So of course it made sense to grab it for the tornado. All this non-living stuff we had taken down before the storms got here.
I gathered up the scrapbooks and took them downstairs to the cedar chest. Brooke was wondering why the baby mobile was laying on the floor (one I couldn't bear to part with so I kept), and I told her I had to make room in the cedar chest for the scrapbooks! Not that it is waterproof or tornado proof, but figured they had a better chance of surviving a hit if they were in the basement with us!
My Dooney with wallets, checkbooks, keys, and cash.
What do you/would you be dragging to the basement if you had tornados heading your way?! Hope everyone stayed safe last night, and stays safe all storm-season long!

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