Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pioneer Woman...and Cowboy Josh!

I have been reading the Pioneer Woman's website for....mmmm.... 4.5 years I think? LOVE HER. I really think we'd be the best of friends if she knew who I was!
Well, TODAY, she finally did a book signing here in Wichita. Her second cookbook just came out! (Her first one sits on my counter 24/7, I use it a lot!).
We packed into this random venue like sardines. She came out and did a presentation for about 45 minutes. She was adorable and funny and claiming to be totally nervous.
My favorite slide from her presentation:
Which she followed up by saying "other than that, it was a year of bliss!" ---hahahah {she got pregnant on their honeymoon. yikes}
After that, they called ticket numbers 25 at a time to line up to get your book(s) signed. I was number 106. It actually went pretty fast, which is good because I was so hungry I was looking in my purse for fruit snacks or purse candy or some kind of sustenance.
{We were at a cookbook signing...dude...where were the samples?!}
When we got to the table, I had a little gift for Ree. I wanted to do something fun and sweet.
I thought about baking her something. Then worried she might be one of those people that looks at food from strangers and thinks "what if they let their cat lick the spoon?"
I was going to make her some flower magnets from some pics I did recently (and complete my friend Kristen's at the same time).... but I didn't think of it in time to get it done.
I was going to find a cute subway art printable and print that for her.... ran out of colored ink.
So instead I made her this 5x7 black and white subway art. I can't post the actual file because apparently I saved it as a PDF instead of a jpg...but it's a subway art of all her book tour stops. Printed on cream cardstock as a 5x7.
Gave it to her with a little card. And because it was so quick and chaotic, I accidentally handed her this sign and she went to put it all in her purse. I said 'oops! Wait! Let me see that piece of paper!" and then had her take a pic of it for my Aunt Debbie.
I was kind of a spaz. Really I just wanted to sit and chat with her, ya know?
Before I knew it, she was on to the next group. Never fear though. Cowboy Josh was in the hallway.
I have to tell you, that is one adorably flirty cowboy.
Tonight was almost as exciting as the night this past July when I touched two Backstreet Boys. (which...I just discovered...I never blogged about?!? What?!?!)
Thanks for coming to Wichita, Ree!!! I'll just keep an eye out for my ranch invite next :)

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Kristen said...

Glad you had an awesome time Angie! Wish I could of gone with you. I am sure you made a great impression on her and the gift you gave her was so sweet. Thanks for sharing your night. I enjoyed hearing about it and seeing pictures!