Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh So Pinteresting Wednesday

It's Wednesday? I had a hard time remembering that all day today.
guess it's time for a little pinterest fun. What have you been pinning this week?
Raise your hand if you don't do Pinterest yet?
So here are my favorites for the week.
I'm totally doing this sometime this summer. Pretty much 1000% sure it'll be plenty hot enough in Kansas for the s'mores to be ready in about five minutes.
I love this. Really hope to do it. Anyone have any terracotta pots they are not using?
I pinned my own recipe. I rock. It was the post or two prior to this one.
This is a cute gift. My birthday is May 9th. Please collaborate so you don't all get me the same magazine. And you can change the sunscreen for Diet Dr Pepper. Just sayin'. lol.
I am SOOOO going to do this in my beach-themed 1/2 bath. I love my 1/2 bath, it is a happy place. I know, totally weird that the poop-room is a happy place, but heck it is!
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