Thursday, April 5, 2012

Disney Fever Thursday

People, I need one of the following, in this order of preference:

1) A winning lottery ticket. Winning as in like...$5000 or more.

2) A great big blessing of an influx of Travel and Cake customers so I can make more money

3) Someone extremely wealthy to pseudo-adopt me as someone that they want to spend money on.

4) An intervention (which really is so far down on my list of what I WANT that I shouldn't even put it here as a choice).

Now, #1 and #2 is not because I'm just a greedy crazy woman. Really I'm not. I'm happy with my lot in life. Contentment is not something I usually struggle with.

But I have GOT to tell you.

I am DYING to get on another Disney Cruise. Like...on the new Fantasy ship that had it's inaugural sailing last week.

Currently, we have a WDW coming up this Spring. Totally psyched about that. Then plans for 2013 currently look like Hawaii. Which will be my first trip there, which I am sure will be awesome (except for the exceptionally long flight with a then-5 and 9 year old).

Which is fine. Who would complain about going to Hawaii, right?'s all fine and dandy except that it means that I probably won't get my booty on another Disney cruise until...


And, ya'll might sign me up for that intervention when you hear me say, that makes my HEART hurt. Seriously!!

If #1 or #2 happened, I {might } be able to figure out a way to squeeze in a Disney cruise between now and 2014.

Alright, I know, I'm totally deluding myself. But, I cannot put into words how much I want to get back on a Disney Cruise. Any ship will do. I really really really really really wish we could afford this scenario:

Spring 2012 WDW
Christmas 2012 Disney Cruise
Summer 2013 Hawaii
Summer 2014 Another Disney cruise.

Now, I know I am BLESSED beyond words to likely be doing three of those four things. I know that some people may never do ANY of these things.

I know. I know. I know. I'm just telling you.

I listen to my kids whine, so ya'll can listen to me whine for just a minute, right? :)

But ohhhhhh.... If I had won that mega millions..... even if I had to split it with 500 other people.... I could be booking a Christmas 2012 cruise right now.

Instead, I need about 10 families to book about a $6000 vacation with me or I need to bake a boatload of cakes (ha, boatload. cruise. heehee) to get on a Disney ship this year. Even then, I suppose there is still real life to help pay for.

{But if you happen to fit the profile for #3, I'm here. Totally open to you gifting me with a cruise. My Birthday is in May you know!}

I'm just sayin'.

So. Who wants to go somewhere? :)

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