Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Teacher stuff

Whew!!! The last day of school before Christmas break is craziness for this PTO mom. In addition to teacher gifts, the staff luncheon we put on for the entire staff, and the all-school sing-a-long I had to also zip up to the little girl's preschool program. That was entirely too cute and will get blogged about in the next day or so!

I blogged recently about remembering to do something for your 'specials' teachers at school. This is an idea that one of my friends on facebook did for some of their teachers. We got Brooke's teacher some Kstate PJ's, the bus driver got a gift certificate, and then the specials teachers, preschool teachers, and office staff got these post-it holders:

Acrylic frames from the Dollar Tree:

Scrapbook paper.....

Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame. Wrap a ribbon around the top and tie a bow. Embellish how you choose. I had some flat floral marbles downstairs that I hot-glued to these. Stick on a post-it pad and you have a handy little post-it holder!

The PE teachers were harder because they are guys...and they are, well...PE teachers. So I used a basketball themed scrapbook paper, got rid of the bow, and glued buttons on instead.

Those all got delivered on Monday, and then I focused on the luncheon we do for the staff at our school. There are about 75 staff at our school...that's a lot! We always do a Christmas luncheon for them where they all get together to eat and parents cover the classrooms for a bit.
I found these cute pink, green and white striped boxes on clearance on for 5 cents each several weeks ago. Ordered a bunch of them. We decided to do a little gift for every person and these boxes were perfect. Inside the boxes were:
Little jars of Festive Cranberry Honey (made by my co-chair and found in one of my Gooseberry Patch books), Hershey Kisses, mixed nuts, and individually wrapped Triple Chocolate Mini-Bundt Cakes (made by me).
Then we topped them with Cozy Cocoa Spoons (made by me with Ghiradelli chocolate). Here's what 75 wrapped/tagged cocoa spoons looks like:
We did white plastic tableclothes (because we were tired and didn't feel up to dealing with fancy ones), with green paper runners down the middle. Stacked the little gift boxes in sets of three.
I found this cool stretchy meshy silver sparkly ribbon on sale at Michael's for 40-cents per yard. So we stretched that and wove it down the tables.
Then I stopped into Dillons and said "I need something inexpensive we can use to decorate tables at a luncheon!" She had just marked down some red roses to $2/dozen, and some bunches of daisy/spider mums/carnations to 50-cents per package. SCORE. Peeled off some not-so-pretty petals, and they were good enough for a luncheon that is for sure!
The meal was great, I heard everyone enjoyed it, and it's all done.
We had a great day today and I will post more about the preschool program and the school sing-along tomorrow!

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