Friday, December 23, 2011

Fa La La La La...La La La La

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I said I'd post this yesterday but not sure where the day went!

Wednesday was Hannah's Christmas program at school. It was so so precious. Since she's our baby (and our last one), I really try to soak up all these little moments.

Here she is in front of the tree before we left for the day.

Walking into the sanctuary ringing their bells.

They did several songs and most of them had actions. Hannah did great!
Hannah swears the little blonde boy next to her is on the naughty list because he always takes toys. In this particular photo, he had just picked a booger and was checking it out.
I can't remember what song this is, but I know they are doing the sign for 'please' right here and it was such a sweet little song. The blondie next to her is her BFF Jordan.
Once the program was over, Hannah and I took off back to Brooke's school for the sing-along they have there. Hannah loves getting to sit with Brooke at their assemblies whenever we are there for one of them.
I can't tell you how much I love hearing 630 students plus the staff sing Christmas songs. It is awesome. It sounds like that final scene in Polar Express when the thousands of elves are singing. It's so sweet. And they sing everything from "Silent Night" to "Up On the Housetop."
The last song they sing is "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and during the song, Santa arrives! Look at those faces as the kids catch their first glimpse of him walking into the gym!
After the kids were heading back to class, Hannah and I caught Santa, and he swooped her up for a picture. (And proceeded to hold her while I cleared some pics off my memory card to make room for the shot!). She didn't mind at all!
Now let me tell you.... Brooke has never wanted to go anywhere near Santa. I've never gotten a picture of her on his lap. One year, I got a picture of her clinging to grandma's arm standing next to Santa. Another year, Santa came to a Christmas party at our house and she took off to the kitchen and proceeded to stay in there and watch the other kids visit Santa.
Finally. This being her EIGHTH Christmas, I got a pic of her with Santa. I said "What, you're not going to pick her up too?" and up she went. (I was totally kidding Santa!). It was quite a moment! So behold, the first ever picture of Brooke with Santa, on her own. Not walking by him. Not being held by someone else. Brooke. In Santa's arms. (The funny thing is, she has always, since her first trip to WDW when she was 3, ran right up to every Disney character with no problems at all!).

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