Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little creepy

Here's kind of a creepy story for you.

Bought a Wii game on Tues.

Couldn't find it tonight anywhere. I was sure I had put it away but it was nowhere to be found. Decided I must not have gotten out of Walmart with it.

Called them and they didn't have it in the "left behind" book but if I came in with my receipt they said they would replace it.

Go in with my receipt. Obviously it'd be a trusting practice if they were just to replace it, so of course it was not that easy. The customer service guy gets on the phone with a manger back in some office somewhere.

He tells them the purchase time and register number from the receipt.

Waits a few minutes while the manager pulls up VIDEO of the transaction.

Looks at me and says "the cashier put it in a bag and gave it to your oldest daughter who then put it in your shopping cart."

I gotta tell ya, kind of creeped me out! Makes me rethink my "run to walmart with no makeup on" practice lol!

So I went back home.

Found the Wii game on the Wii shelf in the living room. Exactly where I had told someone to look when we were hunting. So glad I lost that 30 minutes of my life to being creeped out by Walmart for no good reason.

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