Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Insta-Friday--Tues/Weds edition

This is my version of from my Tuesday...posted on a Wednesday.

I had to run an errand last the dark. In the rain. With poor night vision. But the lights were pretty.

We got this awesome Jim Shore Tinkerbell decoration a few weeks ago (through our Disney Movie Rewards account).... Apparently she cannot fly. Not when mommy's arm knocks her off the shelf. Hoping for a super glue miracle.

I had two migraines yesterday. Was wishing for an IV drip of this.

Some goodies I was working on for some peeps in between migraines. Cozy cocoa spoons, cranberry white chocolate biscotti, and peanut clusters.

The children programming has taken over the DVR. Scooby, Beauty and the Beast, Good Luck Charlie. Thank God I don't have any Caillou episodes taking up important space. There's a bunch of those on Netflix. :)

Guest post tomorrow! See you then!

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