Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today in pictures

So far today....

I got this cute picture of a girl and her dog. Have you ever heard of "green eye" in pictures? weird.

I made a bunch of little fondant flowers with edible pearl centers for some baby shower cupcakes I'm making tomorrow...

Hannah has gotten out nearly every game we keep under the coffee table.

Hannah is on a "Beauty and the Beast" kick which is driving Brooke crazy. I tell Brooke "It's better than that dang annoying 'Caillou' crap" (If you don't know Caillou, be thankful. If you do, I feel your pain).

Do you know what this picture is of? It's of two being the slide/climber thing that got blown over by some hellacious wind last night. It's also a shot of two girls playing outside for longer than 10 minutes for the first time in nearly a month! Isn't it a lovely shot? And what you cannot see, is that the grass is muddy, because this strange thing they called 'rain' fell out of the sky last night. It was amazing!

And that, so far is my day. My not-yet-100-degree-isn't-that-amazing?- day. I didn't take a picture of the fabulous muffins we gobbled up (that I baked early yesterday). And I didn't take a picture of the treadmill that I ran a mile on. And I'm not taking a picture of the couch I'm hoping to veg on for a bit. Nor of the dinner I am making.

What did you do today? Thanks for stopping by for a visit :)

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