Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer fun at Miss Linda's

I have a good friend named Linda. The girls call her "miss Linda"... I've known her for about six years. She is wonderful. Say hi to Linda:

She's a cool chic. She has an awesome backyard with some great landscaping, including this gorgeous sunflowers:

A wonderful Koi pond/waterfall and deck (no pic, sorry)

and a swimming pool. Hallelujiah. Every year she is sweet enough to open her pool up to a group of us to come swimming every Tuesday. It's always a lot of fun and a highlight of our summer activities. Every now and then, we pop over as a family for a little swim time too. I snapped some pics on my phone of the fun:

Going after daddy:

Down he goes!

The girls are fearless about going off the board, which is fun!

Hannah has been a little crazy woman since she started with the life vest. She had her first year of swimming lessons, but this life vest lets her toodle around the pool all on her own. It's lovely.

Brooke's been working on learning how to dive at Miss Linda's.

The big boy looking for his torpedo.

Chilling in the deep end.

We had a lot of fun with the noodles. Here Hannah is trying to imitate Matt who seemed to think he was pretty talented blowing water thru the noodle at me. For those of you who think he's quiet and 'not' full of hot're wrong. :)

What we didn't get pictures of was the Noodle Horse Races we played. That was fun. And 'unfortunately' no one documented the 17 tries it took for me to get on a raft and stay there without flipping over.

It was a fun way to spend the last weekend before school starts. Thanks Miss Linda. We love you! :)

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