Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Second Grade

Today my big girl started second grade! It is already looking to be an awesome year, because we got GREG back for our bus driver, we got the teacher we requested, and we have a lot of cool things planned for PTO. Including a blood drive, which I was inspired to pitch as an idea from this little girl's battle. Anyways, we're all stoked for an awesome year.

For PTO we decided to do Back to School goodies for the staff and bus drivers. I made these little pocket things to hang on water bottles for all of them. In the pocket is a "looking forward to a great year" note and one of those kool-aid flavor packs for your bottled water. We delivered them to the staff before "Meet Your Teacher" night yesterday, and met the bus drivers after school today. It was blazing hot today, so the bus drivers were thrilled to get them! I also made the classroom teacher Backwards Peanut Butter Cups and sugar cookies for the bus drivers.

This morning we had an early start so I could set up the Boohoo/Yahoo breakfast at school. Both girls were up before 7:00 a.m. anyways, so early start was really no big deal.

Here's my 2nd grader before we left the house

She was most concerned/upset about leaving Max behind.

She's sure growing up fast!

for comparison; here is her first day of kindergarten picture.

Here she is with her new teacher Mrs. Henry.

We're looking forward to an awesome year!

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