Monday, August 1, 2011

Seven Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

I know, 10 might sound better, but this is what I've got right now.

I'm sure you all know I'm a travel agent. I'm sure you all know how to use the internet. But do you know seven reasons why you should use a travel agent? Well... I'm going to tell you!

7. Personalized Service. Travel agents are not some impersonal voice thousands of miles away. I am your neighbor, your friend, your blog author. I take the time to get a good feel for you, your family, and your travel needs. Travel agents really work to understand what you find valuable in your vacations.

6. Professional Advice. Agents are experts in making sure people get to where they are wanting to go...for the best price and the most pleasant way. Providing personal insight on details that you may not have thought of yourself makes for a smoother trip.

5. Time. Agents have all the resources at their fingertips. They know the best tour companies to search for your requets, and can save you a lot of time by digging up the best deals and promotions for you. It is their job of course!

4. Choice. Once learning the basics of what you are looking for in your vacation, travel agents can easily suggest and quote a variety of options for you to choose the best package for your dream vacation. I personally love presenting my customers with a variety of fun options to work with!

3. Best Value. Agents work hard to find the best pricing for the packages requested. They can usually meet, if not beat, internet pricing. We are aware of what specials are being offered by various tour companies. They are there to help you get the best value for the dollar! Agents are paid commissions from tour companies. I personally do not charge service fees, so it does not cost you extra to use me! And you know what? If you find something online that I just cannot touch price-wise..i'm going to tell you! I understand needing to get the best price for the same thing!!!

2. Customer advocate. In the event that you have any problems (because we live in an imperfect world!), I am there to help you get things sorted out and corrected satisfactorily. While they do not have control over the properties, tour companies, etc; we travel agents do all we can to ensure everyone is taking care of our customer.

1. Supporting local business. If it is going to cost you $3000 to book a vacation online, or $3000 to book it with me/a travel agent...why not support a local business person/friend and let them earn a commission? Whether you find figuring out all the details yourself to be fun and you really get into can still let an agent book it for you. For example, you could call me and say "I want to go to Disney for 5 nights starting November 11th and I want to stay at Caribbean Beach in a preferred room with 6 day tickets and dining plan. Online it says it is $XXXX. Can you book that for me?" My answer "I'd LOVE TO! Thank you for the opportunity!!!" Otherwise...are you just saying 'I don't want you to have that money. You're not worth it"...?!?

Let me just tell you, I write this as a woman/mom/travel agent living in a tough economy. Prices of things are going up, but paychecks are not...right? Can I get an amen? Just wanted to share some food for thought as to why you might find a little value in using me for your travel plans. Because.... this is my gig to be able to stay home with my girls. It's not a gig I want to give up. I want to help people plan wonderful vacations, and let it pay for Hannah's preschool. I want to give you a fabulously planned Disney vacation-which will overwhelm you with precious memories...let me have some fun with you...and help pay a bill. I have a lot of repeat customers...a lot of referrals... and I need them to keep on coming. Your support means a lot to me... and I ask that you keep it coming!

Can I get "Woot Woot?"


Cammie G said...

As a three time Disney traveler who has used you every single time, I can honestly say I won't ever go on vacation without your help! I would have been LOST the first time around, and having you take care of the details frees up more time for us to anticipate the FUN! Thanks for everything Angie!

Shaun Caldwell said...

Great list! A lot more people would have lesser problems in their vacation or travel if they hired a travel agent to help them. Many believe it's not worth it but they don't realize that eliminating most of their worries is worth the price of their travel agent.

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