Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This One Is For You, Aunt Debbie

My aunt Debbie (on my dad's side, I've got one on each side) has been telling me she's ready for another blog post. I'm eyeballs deep in flour, sugar, and chocolate, and that's the extent of life right this post is going to be all about HER :)

I adore my aunt Debbie. She's the baby of the four siblings (my dad is 2nd oldest). I'm not sure how old she is...She's close to cracking 50 if she hasn't yet. But she doesn't look a day older than.... 39. :) heehee. (That's a compliment, by the way!).

We have been close for as long as I can remember....though as with all relationships, there has been various ebb and flow to how much we talk, etc. We're on a roll these days which I am loving.

We spent a lot of time together back when I was very little. She still lived in the same town I did (I think), and she hadn't yet met this hairy guy, Gary:

Somewhere in this disaster pit lovely home of mine, there is this cute picture of she and I together when I was her flower girl. I was about four or five years old. I'm sure as soon as I post this entry, I'll find it. I found this one instead:

A few years ago, Brooke was the flower girl in Debbie's son/daughter in law's wedding. I loved that I was hers, and Brooke was theirs. Hopefully Lindsey, her daughter (who is soon to graduate from the best school in Iowa- ISU) will get hitched while Hannah is still of flower-girl age (hint hint) so she'll get a turn too! Here's a few pics from that wedding. Better pics, cuter flower girl if you ask me.

I think the Adams' family gene runs strong in my veins and in my girls. She told me that some people have said that my girls look like they could be her grandkids.

A few other shots of us in more recent years:

Anytime there is a family get together, she makes sure she has something special for the kids. She did it when my cousins, brother and I were the "kids" and she does it now with our kids. The last time we got together, she brought a Pinata for the kids to do. She is so fun and thoughtful that way.

Here are some things I LOVE about my aunt Debbie.
1. She's fun and funny.
2. She and I have always connected in a special way.
3. She loves me (almost) like one of her own.
4. She adores my girls.
5. I'm not sure there is anyone else in my life who makes me feel as encouraged/affirmed/ complimented than she does. She's so sweet in how much me. Which I love. It fills my love tank. She is good for my self esteem.
6. She doesn't blow sunshine up your ass is genuine. Even when she's gushing over me, I know she means it. She just knows how to make a person know they are loved.

7. She loves to shop, decorate, cook, etc. We have all those things in common.

8. She thinks I am her go-to girl on recipes. I think she is my go-to girl on recipes.

9. The great thing about an aunt that is the baby of the family, she's almost close enough in age to you to really feel like a sister sometimes.

10. She is a happy chic.

Here are the things I do not love about my aunt Debbie:

1. She lives 6 hours away.

2. She is a road-trip/vacation wuss. Meaning she has not brought herself to drag her happy butt down here to visit me.

3. She lives 6 hours away.

4. She laughs when I suggest she spend big money on me for Christmas/ Birthday. (refer to #3 above haha).

5. She's skinnier than me.

A conversation with Debbie that I will never forget, circa 1985:

We were driving in her car up to my parents house. This was a short drive because I'm from a little bitty small town.

Debbie "Have you had a Blizzard yet?"

Me "Mmm, not really, but we have had a lot of snow"

Debbie, laughing "No, I meant the new Blizzard ice cream thing that Dairy Queen has!"

I think of her almost every time I get a Blizzard at DQ.

My dear Debbie V.... I love you very much and am so glad for all the memories, chats, and emails we have shared over the years. Thank you for loving me like you do!

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Aunt Debbie said...

Oh my gosh-I am feeling so full of myself right now -- I had tears as I read this! Your thoughts are just as endearing and special to me as you are, you sweet girl.
You are an amazing young woman, mother, wife and friend, and I am so proud of you!
(I am not, however, skinnier than ANYONE. Too many DQ blizzards!??!)
Anyway-thank you for the lovely post and for thinking of me. You made my day - you will always be my go-to girl!!! And (and your Dad) are the only ones who get by calling me "Debbie"..
Love ya always.