Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tea, anyone?

Hannah loves to play with the new tea set she got from Papa Terry and Grandma Diane. She's always loved playing with stuff like that, and the new set has really kept her busy. She tends, however, to think she must serve Matt and I tea all the time. The other day Brooke was playing with her too (they were playing, not screaming at each other). We finally convinced them that perhaps their dolls and stuffed animals might want some tea.

Suddenly we had some peace to have a conversation while the girls kept themselves busy in the living room. After we got them down for rest time, this is what we found:
Donald gives the tea party a thumbs up!
Buzz was particularly thrilled with the event!
Fun was had by all!
Later that day it was time for church. Hannah got all dolled up in a cute little outfit:
Brooke was a little peeved that Hannah was all dolled up and she wasn't... just the way the cookie crumbled that evening. Plus Brooke's class at church has slides, climbers, etc. Not real good for cute little dresses. But I got her to pose for a pic in her new coat:
This morning we had a relaxing start to the day, then took the girls to see "Tangled" at the movie theater! We enjoyed popcorn, pop, MMs, and a great movie together! Hope you had a great weekend too!

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