Friday, December 10, 2010

A few things about me

I was thinking today about a few of my favorite things (trying to figure out a Christmas card/letter theme), and that thought train went down a little path. Let me share the thought journey with you.

I thought, "I love smutty romance novels."

Did you know that? Well, I do. I've been reading them since high school. I am a Harlequin romance junkie. When I thought about how long I've been reading them, I took a mental trip back to high school. When I had one with me in Spanish class. I always kept them so the front cover was face down on the desk. I was a closet junkie then. Until Matt Haufle picked my book up off my desk, teased me by saying "Angie, what smut!!!"...and proceeding to thumb through the book to a steamy scene and start reading it out loud. I wanted to disappear into the crack on the floor.

I thought, "I love crab legs."

Did you know that? I love love love love crab legs. If you ask my favorite foods, I will answer crab legs and tacos. Now you know. I thought of a time when Matt and I were at Red Lobster. I was enjoying my crab, digging it out of the shell. I had a "slippery-little-suckers" julia roberts/pretty woman moment when my crab shell went flying across the room. It landed, I kid you not, right next to a gift bag at a nearby table where they were having some sort of shower. Some chic almost got a crab shell in her present. Matt still talks about this.

I thought, "I love sledding."

If you know me at all, you know I grew up in Iowa and that I love snow. I love sledding. You may not know that in this Kansas neck of the woods, there's almost no hills at all. We sled down our driveway now. Pooh. Then my thought train went on to think that although I love snow and sledding, I hate skiing. I've been one time. I took the youth group I worked with in Great Bend. I fell getting off the ski lift, rolled down the hill a ways, and took AN HOUR to come down the easiest green run. My legs were so sore the next day, and I hope to never "snow plow" wearing skis ever again.

I thought, "I love my bed. I'm so tired!"

But maybe not as tired as I was one day when Matt and I were at Disney World. It was one of our pre-kids visits. I was getting off the bus at the hotel, and I fell flat on my face. Matt, ever stating the obvious and in a particularly helpful moment, stands there looking at me completely dumbfounded, and asks--not "are you okay?"--but "What are you doing?" Hellloooo. THAT is a moment that I will forever talk

Isn't it funny how our thought trains progress?

What are you thinking about now?


Matthew said...

I now wholeheartedly approve of romance novels. :)

Matt Haufle

Aunt Debbie from IA said...

I love to hear first graders sing It's a Wonderful World. I love crab legs too ;-)
And I am thinking about you biffing it off the bus and kinda giggling about that....sorry...just can't help it!
Aunt Debbie