Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cooking with the Girls

This past Sunday I declared family day, and we spent the day making some Christmas goodies, doing a little cleaning together (because, let's face it, we all made the mess in this house), and ending the day with some family game time. It was a great day. I've declared lazy Sunday mornings the best perk to going to a church that has Saturday night services.
I love to worship me some Jesus, but I love it best when I don't have to set the alarm to do it.
This cooking endeavor shall be called, "So easy, your kids can do it". Where it says 'your kids', insert the name of any person you know that cannot cook a bit.
Oreo Bark. Falalallaala. Break up most of a package of oreos. You can use plain oreos, but the seasonal ones with red or green filling make the bark look pretty. We actually used the peppermint oreos this time around, which made for pretty, and mildly minty. Don't pulverize the oreos, chunks are good.
Melt some white almond bark. Dump in crushed oreos. Stir. Spread on cookie sheet covered with waxed paper. Let dry/harden. Break up. Eat. Yum.
See. So easy, the kids did it. Check out the pictures:
after the crushing of the oreos:

Stirring into melted bark (I think I did about 12 ounces):

Poured into the pan:

Cooking with the girls also included peanut clusters. Very easy as well, albeit messy when involving a two year old and a six year old. 12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips, 6 ounces chocolate bark, 6 ounces peanut butter chips and 24 ounces dry roasted peanuts. Melt the melty stuff, stir in the peanuts. (or you can just do 12 ounces bark and skip the pb chips but i like it best with those).
Evidence of the mess:
And this little pile of goodness was something I did yesterday for Brooke's class. It should be called "why would you do this to yourself when you are already doing 3 dozen cupcakes and 8 pans of cinnamon rolls" but really it's called Santa Hat mix.
Because if you're busy....busy...busy....why would you take caramel bugles, dip them in red candy melts, let them dry, dip the ends in candy melts again and then in white sprinkles, and then dip the tip and put a marshmallow on it?
To throw into baggies for your daughter's class, that's why. With some rice chex and pretzels that have been tosed with almond bark. allowed to dry, and tossed more with chocolate chips and mms.
Because it might be the only way you may possibly get a nomination for mother of the year. I mean, hello. I made santa hats.
They're cute after all:
mix up some fun with your kiddos today. They'll love you for it.
now a little side note. are you reading this post? I'd love to hear from you if you're reading this. Because I think i have a few more readers than i thought. Which is quite lovely. So.... would you please drop me a comment to let me know you're out there? I'd love the surprise! Consider it my Christmas gift. Just leave me a little hello, how you found me, what you're doing Christmas Eve...blahblahblah. Just checking up on my readers is all. Click the little word comments below and give me a shout out.
off to bake some mini rum cakes. I was calling them baby rum cakes but that just sounds wrong.


Michelle said...

I'm here, Angie. And I agree that "mini rum cakes" sounds much more appropriate than "baby rum cakes." Merry Christmas!

Cammie G said...

I'm here!

Anonymous said...

I'm here too, albeit a few days late. I looked on your blog from Olivia's blog whom I know from Shelley. Anyway, I live in Bailey Colorado and I love your crafty cooking ideas. I do my best to not cook so you have an admirer in Colorado!

Aunt Debbie said...

Hey - Aunt Debbie from Iowa follows your blog! Those Santa hats are DARLING! And that mix looks yummy!
Your blogs are always so funny and I love the way your mind wanders...blame it all on your roots.
Merry Christmas my dear girl, and give your family hugs & kisses!!
Happy Ho Ho!!!

pohren said...

Love the Santa hats! Hope you all are having a great day!

Nance said...

and okay, I work with your Aunt Debbie. I call her Deb. or Deb V . . . but working with Debbie . . . or Deb . . . it is all serendipity. Creativity. Brain storming, big time! Watch out!

Nance said...

and okay, I work with your Aunt Debbie. I call her Deb. or Deb V . . . but working with Debbie . . . or Deb . . . it is all serendipity. Creativity. Brain storming, big time! Watch out!

akhartschen said...

you are crazy!! Those tiny santa hats were adorable though! great tips on the easy to do baking with the kids. i will have to try that!

Netters said...

Your Santa snack mix is utterly adorable - but now I need to remember to use it NEXT Christmas!