Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Do you hear that?

Crickets, I think.

Because the ol blog has been quiet over the holidays!

Rest assured, our house has been anything but!

I've got a lot of blog ideas rolling around in my head, but don't have time to get a one of them done right this second. I've got a headache, a movie to watch with my husband, a house to clean, Disney quotes to work on, and fondant Winnie the Pooh characters to make for a cake for this weekend.

But I promise.... a post recapping/highlighting some of my favorite things from 2010 before it turns to 2011. Pinky swear. Because I know you can't possibly ring in the new year without some highlights from me.

In the meantime, a few images from our Christmas celebrations. I hope yours was wonderful!

The girls with Grandma and Grandpa after Christmas eve services, before they ditched their dresses.

Matt and I on Christmas Eve.

The girls in the jammies they opened on Christmas Eve. My family was always an "open all gifts but Santa stuff on Christmas eve" whereas Matt's family has always done the whole lot on Christmas morning. The compromise is that every Christmas Eve, whomever is at our house opens some jammies, and the kids get a book or puzzle to open also. Next year I might have to do something besides jammies for the adults, because we only need so many.
Brooke opening her American Girl doll from Grandma and Grandpa. She was a little bit excited! This was snapped in mid of her leaping to her feet and jumping for joy.
Hannah got the American Girl Bitty Baby Twins. I think she was excited too, but by this time she was ready for a nap and I think a little dazed!
Playing with their new play-dough sets on Christmas night.
The girls in their matching PJs made by grandma. Brooke's doll has some on too, Hannah's doll's are still in Grandma's Sweat Shop sewing room getting the finishing touches :)

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