Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

I've been all over the place in my head today, working on different things, thinking different things, etc. Here's a little list of my random thoughts.

1. The whole heart-gadget-thingy in the first Iron Man movie (haven't seen the 2nd one) totally gives me the heebie jeebies.

2. Orange Leaf at 37th and Rock is now open, and I am rejoicing.

3. Tried a new church this evening. I hate looking for a new church. But I did like this one, and I'm very excited about their kids' programming. Looks like they really put some oomph into it!

4. My list of things to get done is overwhelming me. I have to get things tagged for Britches and Lace, I have a bunch of PTO stuff to do this week, and I'm doing a full-sheet cake for a 50th anniversary this week that I'm a little worried about! Lots and lots of scroll/vine work.

5. Sometimes I wonder why I care so much, and try so hard to be friends to, people who don't seem to care or don't seem interested in reciprocating. Why bother?

6. Sometimes I feel like a red-headed step child to a bunch of people. That feeling sucks. See number 5.

7. Iowa State got their butt handed to them by Iowa today. Very disappointing. When does basketball season start?

8. Louisiana tripled their offer to Hawker to try to entice them to move the company down there. I feel like we're all holding our breath waiting for the company to say what they plan to do, what the "new" contract offer may or not be, etc. I feel like life is in a little bit of limbo.

9. I'm glad that whatever the future does hold, God is already there. Tomorrow doesn't need to scare me, because God is already there. I know that to be true, I hold it close to my heart... and I think that's why, although I worry, I am always the one to say "it will be fine...!" Because I know it will be.

10. I am excited to have bus driver Greg on Monday, and am praying urgently that Brooke's teacher will not be gone so much going forward...or at least that they will find a consistent sub for the many days she is gone. It is taking a toll on Brooke, about 20 days of school and almost half of them have been subs. But at least we have Greg back.

11. See, I told you I am all over the place right now.... I think I need some TLC from people who love me.

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Jodi said...

Well, I love ya and I understand about needing some TLC. I have been a nervous wreck since Olivia's concussion. . even though she seems fine now. Then, I went and got a new kitten that Autumn hates and now I'm totally stressing! Why do I cause myself extra stress? Anyway, thinking of you!!!