Friday, September 3, 2010

Bus Driver VooDoo

I'm thinking about getting a scraggly scruffy old looking doll and turning it into a voodoo doll of our bus driver.

The man is just plain crabby.
The kids all say he is mean.
Everyday he yells at them to be quiet.
He stops the bus and yells. He threatens to go back to the school.
He yelled a lot today. Said he was going to make assigned seats.
Said he was going to figure out who the trouble makers are and get them off the bus.

Four kids get off at our stop, including my child. Today, four kids got off in tears. Three of the four were pretty much hysterical. They don't want to get on the bus again! This just at the end of the third week of school.

I didn't get anywhere on my crusade to get Greg back, but after today I've got a renewed mission. I called the bus company and pitched a huge fit. I said that my tax dollars are not to pay for my kid to come home in tears. I said that my child, who had a great bus experience last year, was not going to be scared/upset every day because of some jerk bus driver. Thatis not the way it is meant to be.

Apparently this guy is too crabby to handle elementary kids. And if there are naughty, rowdy kids, deal with them. Don't scare-tactic the entire bus. It traumatizes the good kids.

My neighbor got ahold of the principal today and gave her an earful on it. I plan on making a visit to the school soon myself. And if they are going to assign seats? My kiddo better not end up at the back, or with a big kid, or a mean kid. She's a good girl.

Don't mess with my kid, Fred. I can throw a big fit.

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