Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little BFFs

When I was younger, single, not an adult, whatever phase of life you want to call it, there were some things I really hated.

I hated going to the mall alone.
I hated going to restaurants alone. It embarassed me. Made me think people were thinking "look at her. no friends!"
I hated sitting in church alone.
It rarely happened, but when it did... my skin just crawled with self-consciousness.
Insecurity speaking there? Perhaps. But the fact of the matter is, I didn't like being alone. I liked having a companion of sort. That's what makes BFFs so great. That's what made having a fiancee or a husband so great.
And now while sometimes I COVET being alone, or going somewhere by myself, because I am a mommy, I can always have a sidekick.
Having a little girl to take to the mall, to take out to lunch, to go for walks with. It's kind of like having a miniature BFF. Always there, fun to be with, makes you feel loved and needed.
So if I want to go eat at a restaurant, if all else fails, I've got my Mini Bffs that could go along.
Being lonely is not something that happens when you're a mom, is it? Not when you've got these two sweeties to have with you

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