Saturday, January 23, 2010

Notes from a 5-year old

Brooke is doing great at school and is really getting into reading and writing. It is amazing to me watching her sound words out, try to spell them herself, etc.

The other day, I came downstairs and she tells me "Mom there is a note for you on the fridge."
This is what I found:

I thought it was sooooo cute. If you can't quite interpret it; this is what it says:

"Mommy plez (pease) git (get) Mole (molly, her baby doll) up and let Hannah play uif (with) Mole (molly). Love Brooke C."

I thought it was so precious.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. We appreciate your prayers for us as we face this journey. It's really hard, but God continues to be so good. Thanks again! :)

wdozier said...

There is nothing better than a note from a 5 year old! I love when Dallas writes to me....and Jenna too!