Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hannah's First Haircut

Hannah will be two at the end of next month. Decided to go for her first haircut today. We went to my friend Abbe, whom I just adore, to do the job. Hannah knows her from church so I thought she'd be fine.

No such luck. She threw a huge fit. I think it was the apron-thingy. I should have thought of it beforehand, but this girl doesn't even like to wear bibs. I bet if we wouldn't have messed with that, she'd have been okay.

So mommy ended up in the chair, and Hannah ended up on my lap with a paci firmly stuck in her mouth. Then she did fine. Sat still, eyes wide and taking it all in. Abbe did a great job cutting those sweet curly little locks.

When Brooke got her first haircut we gave her bangs. No bangs for Hannah. Just getting it away from being straggly.

Abbe did a great job on my little cutie. The little curls really bounced right up after bath tonight, it was so cute.

Here are a few pics- they are hard to take when the subject is on your lap!

By the way... my NEXT POST will be my 100th post! First person to comment on my NEXT post will win a prize! (I haven't decided what!)

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All Doll(ed) Up said...

I Look kinda wierd in that last picture. Good thing Hannah is cute- it distracts from me! She is so cute- I just could eat her up!! Thanks for letting me apart of her first!