Saturday, January 9, 2010

I knew this day was coming....

....remember when I blogged about nudist colonies a few weeks ago? It was because I was putting on my favorite jeans and got to wondering when they were going to bite the dust.

I started wondering about that because another-not-so-favorite pair of jeans recently bit the dust.

Today, my favorite jeans bit the dust. The button finally wore thru the fabric and fell out. You know how jeans buttons are riveted on? The rivet pulled thru the denim. That's what happens when you put stress on them from squeezing into them!

I was in the garage and I went "oh no! no! no!" which of course made Matt get concerned that something was really wrong. When I told him what happened he said "well just go get another pair.".

helloooooo. i've had these jeans for about 6 years. They are the softest denim i've ever felt in my whole life. They are not gigantically boot-cut like most jeans seem to be these days. They were perfect. And they were fitting pretty decently these days. And they were a bit lighter in color. Seems most of my jeans are darker denim these days.

And more. I'm so bummed.

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