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Disney 2012 Post 4: Magic Kingdom

I have been a bad bad blogger.

I blame it on our mouse. I can't tell you how many times I've sat down to do a quick post/update and lost all my time fighting my computer mouse. It double clicks when it's not supposed to. It doesn't click when it is supposed to. Highly inconvenient for blogging and many other things.

Finally I had an epiphany tonight to take the wireless mouse from the laptop and use it on the desktop (where all the pictures are stored). So far so good, as long as it doesn't wreak the same havoc that trying to install the desktop's printer onto the laptop caused earlier this week (another 2.5 hours of my life gone).

But, finally, and before I take off for a week of church camp with Brooke, I am getting another Disney blog post done!

Tuesday was our first morning at Magic Kingdom. At this point, the girls are still doing great at getting up and moving. No surprise here, somehow my children are morning people. That apple did not come from this tree!

We got to MK before it opened so we got to see the opening show where the characters arrive by train. I took a few pics, but thought I'd post this one of our friends Chip and Dale. Ever since this moment on our cruise last year, Hannah has been in love with Chip and Dale.

We trucked on down mainstreet, got a few pics in front of the castle with no one around. (but really, how pics of us in front of the castle do you want to see)?

I do love getting shots of Cindy's place from fun angles though!  

We walked right onto Peter Pan (which usually has a pretty good wait by mid-morning), and then Snow White, the Carousel, Small World...then we headed over to new Fantasyland again to hit the Barnstormer! The Great Goofini has taken over this runaway airplane for a fun ride! Hannah loved it (brooke tolerated it), and we had so much fun, we got off, walked around and got right back on!

Have I mentioned that going the first week of May is great?  

My half-hearted attempt at some pics over the construction wall of the new Fantasyland construction area. I was on a rollercoaster- no miracles here! :)

We headed over to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz, eat some popcorn (great 10a.m. snack, right?), and rode the People-Mover while we cooled off and contemplated our next stop.

Like how this picture framed out: 

We thought it was high time to mosey across the park to hit Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain.

We love this ride (brooke won't admit to actually LIKING it, but I think she does. However, given the choice, she'd probably just ride Small World, Peter Pan, and the Carousel all day long).

Hannah LOVED Splash Mountain (she's got no fear I tell you). Matt got the wettest (he was in front with Hannah).

We grabbed lunch at Columbia Harbor House. Matt and I had fish-n-chips and the girls had nuggets and such. Wasn't too bad. We went upstairs to eat and there was hardly anyone in the upstairs dining area.

By lunch time, we had hit pretty much all we wanted to so far. Pirates of the Caribbean was closed, I didn't want to do the Jungle Cruise for some reason, so we just headed on back to the hotel for some chill time.

Love this sign that is over the entrance tunnel to MK.  

The afternoon was the usual bout of activities.... resting, swimming, etc. Brooke played some pool games that they had going on, and we spent a lot of time on the water slides.

That evening, we were off to one of our regular stops, Chef Mickey's, located right in our hotel. This is a buffet with some of our favorite friends stopping by the tables to visit.

Brooke thought Donald seemed shorter than last year, I told her it was because she had grown so much!

They were very happy to see Minnie.  

Minnie putting the moves on Matt. 

An oreo mousse bonbon thing from the dessert buffet. Brooke thought the ears were cute, and I thought she was right!  

After dinner we hit a few more rides back at MK, then settled in for an early night. My mom and stepdad were arriving early the next morning and we had another day of fun planned! (duh, we were at Disney!).

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