Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brooke at camp

Wanted to share this fun little sampling of a moment at camp that I had while watching Brooke.

It shows her personality perfectly.

While she is tall and gorgeous, she's also a bit uncoordinated and not much for upper body strength.

She loved the swimming hole. We were there every afternoon.

She got out to the floating rock climbing wall.

And tried and tried to get on it. I'm not sure I could have gotten on it, that round tube part at the bottom would spin when you would grab it. I didn't see a lot of kids on it the whole week actually. But she tried several times, giggling everytime she fell back in.

Then she decided to swim over to the rocket thing and try to get on it. I watched her try for about 20 minutes. Her friends were trying to help her out, and she was trying her darndest but just couldn't do it. Giggled everytime she fell back in.

Finally, she swam over to the floating dock, and got right up the ladder, and proceeded to have a blast out there, jumping in, hanging with friends. Giggling the entire time.

That's one of Brooke's best qualities. Her exuberance for life. She just had FUN. Even if she couldn't get on the rock climbing thing. Or the rocket. She had fun trying, then found something she could do, and had more fun.

I love that girl's spirit. It was such a joy to get to watch it in action from the sidelines like that. 

Too bad I wasn't a nice enough mommy to swim all the way out there in the 75 degree water to help her get on one of the inflatable things :)

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