Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cupboard organizing

I hereby interrupt the Disney recaps to tell you...I cleaned out the cupboards. Really just one so far...

The great couponing deals I got at Dillons this week inspired me, I had to make room for my new stash of stuff.

Plus, honestly, I was so tired of the fact that every single time I opened the cupboard with the spices in it, one would come diving out at my head or into whatever I was working on!

I saw an idea on Pinterest to put your spices in the drawer next to the stove. Of course, that insanely organized woman put them all in glass jars that had cute little labels on top. Today I thought, "I wonder if all my spices will fit in there in their original containers?"

Yes, America, they will.

So on the left you see the "before" cupboard. On the right, you see the cupboard reorganized (so all my baking stuff is on the bottom two shelves instead of half of it being where I can't reach!). And the bottom right picture, all my spices in a longer in danger of falling on my head.

Hmmm. What next? Hope you are having a fun and somewhat productive or just über fun weekend!

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