Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bloggy friends, asking for help!

Hey gang,
Do you have a blog? Are you local? Would you consider doing me a big favor?
Might you share a blip on your blog about my Worthwhile Moments Sweet Shoppe? Just to help spread the word a little bit more? If you do, and tell me about it in the comments or via email, I will give you a $5 credit or a free pan of cinnamon rolls, your choice :)
Worthwhile Moments Sweet Shoppe can be found on facebook... and offers cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and assorted other sweets! Christmas offerings will include caramel corn and cherry mash bites among other things! There is a gallery on FB, but here are a few of the cakes I have done recently! I promise a yummy treat sure to delight everyone, quality, care and love put into each sweet that I make :)

I'd really appreciate you sending folks my way!
And for you non-bloggers.... if you want to send a little nod out to your email contacts, that'd be awesome too! I have made some customer referral cards so if you see me and want some, ask :)
Thanks gang for your support! I hope I can make a treat for you soon!

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