Thursday, June 17, 2010

Recent Highlights and a few low-lights

It's been about a week since my last post and I'm not really sure why. I guess we have been busy, and I'm in a bit of a rut?! Here are a few highlights from the past week.

1. Family reunion in Kansas City!! On Saturday we got together with my mom's side of the family for the day. I don't get to see these people nearly often enough and it was so great to spend the day relaxing with them, watching the new generation of cousins playing together, etc.

2. Surprising Brooke with a stay at Great Wolf Lodge on Sunday night! Everyone (read: Hannah) was extremely pooped out from lack of naps and not going to bed good the night before, so it was a little dicey, but we had fun!

3. Seeing Brooke hit a new level of bravery....she is our chicken....and for the first time this week she went up in the "house" at GWL AND went down the slides that come off of it--by herself! AND...AND.... she let the big bucket at the water-feature thingy at the Y dump on her for the first time! She survived to tell both stories and giggled all the way.

4. We went to Nebraska Furniture Mart on Sunday and looked at some furniture. We really need a lot of new furniture.... and we ended up going back on Monday to get a new bedroom set for Brooke, and Finally...Finally...finally a new dining set for the breakfast nook! If Matt didn't have plans to put the corner-bench set we have there now in the basement, I swear I'd torch the dang thing. It's really a great set (though the table has been beat to heck), but I am soooooo tired of the benches at meals, etc. It will make a much better unit as a game or snack table in the basement.

5. I discovered that Dillons has HAM SALAD. In the deli section-- where you get the already made up sandwiches, etc. I grew up in Iowa where they have Hy-Vee-- (the greatest grocery store ever)--and they have fabulous HAM SALAD. Never found it here before. Not quite as good as Hy-Vee's but yummy nonetheless. I just told Matt about this and I swear I quivered with excitement. It's seriously the little things. If we ever get Anderson Erickson dairy down here where I can buy Party Dip, I won't be able to contain myself! :)

6. After years of wanting to get it, I finally purchased Photoshop Elements. It's going to take me eons to figure out all it can do, and for the life of me I haven't had the time in the last 2 days to do much of anything, but I am so excited to play with some pictures and see what I can do with them. I hope I can find a "Photoshop Elements for Dummies" book!!!

The lowlights.... I have some serious zits going on. Seriously I did not have this trouble with my complexion when I was a teenager! It sucks!!!.... I have gone solo to cake class the last two weeks b/c my partner in crime Kacy has been unable to go...her gma is about to pass on and she's been with her a ton. It sucks on several levels!!!.... I feel disconnected from some friends that I just adore. I never really know what to do in that situation so right now I'm just going to tell myself that life is crazy, and that whenever we get around to chatting or seeing each other again we'll surely pick right back up...Right? Isn't that way true friendship works?!.....

But I hate to end this on a low note, so the other three highlights of the week include:

7. My cousin Nick and his wife are expecting a baby!!! A CHRISTMAS baby! YIPPEEEE!

8. Matt, Dustin, Kacy and I went to see Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw last Friday! It was great, and Tim McGraw is hot. lol.

9. I discovered on the Arena's website that there is a Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular show that is coming to town in November. Being the Christmas nuts we are, I can tell ya, we are soooo going! I was excited to see it!

10. The final highlight.... Life is good. God is good. Watermelon is good. My girls are good. My husband is good. Air conditioning is good. Movies are good. Sleep is good. It's all good.

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Erin said...

Sounds like a busy week! Yeah on the ham salad...yes, HyVee is the absolute best grocery store ever.
I hear ya with the zits...not sure why they have hit me now too, but I do NOT like it! I have heard hormones are the cause...oh boy.