Friday, June 4, 2010

Abbe's store

I'd like to officially introduce you to my friend Abbe.

she is a sweetheart. Probably the nicest person I know, I can't say enough wonderful things about her.

She is very creative and crafty. I always come home from her house wanting to do something to mine. (Matt loves that! not!).

If you go to her blog, you'll read about her crazy life with three small kids, their quest to become debt free, and about some brutally honest moments being a mom.

They are working very hard to become debt free. I know some days she'd rather stay in bed with the blankets over her head, plugging her ears and saying "I can't hear you (children!), I can't see you (bills!)...but this girl is a trooper and a half.

Have I mentioned she's a total sweetheart?! Some days I don't think I'm half as nice as she is...!

To aid in their quest to become debt free, and to just help things in life in general, she's turned her craftiness into a cute online store. She's made some very cute things for you to purchase, for babies, big kids, and your home. Check out the book slings! I love those!! (You can see a pic of the one hanging in Brooke's room, it's so cute!). There's lots of goodies to buy. Check it out. I think if you click this below, you can get there:


Don't go buy some random gift somewhere, buy a gift from a sweet soul who has made something precious with loving hands.

Go check out the store. You'll be glad you did. PLEASE pass the word on, let's overwhelm her with success! :)

And Abs.... Good luck girlfriend! OXOXOX

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All Doll(ed) Up said...

you make my heart smile...