Monday, September 28, 2009

Yeah Me starring... Me!

Okay so I need to go to bed but I just have to blog about this.
My clean house.

I went on a cleaning marathon on the 18th. Cleared off the island. Cleared off the desk in the kitchen. Straightened up the whole house. Guess what? Still clean!!!!

I cleaned our bedroom. I DUSTED it. I uncovered a couch in there! It's blue!! Guess what? STILL CLEAN! and I've made our bed everyday since this monumental event.

Last week, in keeping up with the theme, I got Hannah's room cleaned up. Clothes all put away in the correct drawers, storage totes, closet. Pack-n-play tucked back in the corner under the crib instead of just piled up there next to the rocker. Guess what--- you guessed it-- STILL CLEAN!

Last night, I started cleaning up my side of the closet. While the shelves still have some organizing to be done, I found the FLOOR of my closet, AND vacuumed it.

I am so damned proud of myself. The only room that really still needs finishing up is the spare bedroom, which is temporarily still a mess because a) I'm trying to organize a scrapbooking workspace and b) I think I've had a touch of a stomach bug the last few days so I haven't been doing much.

I'm just so darned proud of myself.... let me tell ya. I hope I can keep it up. I know as I write this and get ready for bed that I've got a little tidying up to do tomorrow in the kitchen, but for the most part, I'm really keeping up on things and I'm sooooo darn excited.

The first or second night the big cleaning had happened, we put the girls in bed and while Matt sat on the couch and watched me, I flitted around and cleaned up all the toys and got the vacuum out ot vacuum the area rug. He looked at me like I was on crack.

But in this case, it is a good thing!!!

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