Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Blog-hosted recipe exchange

Tis the season to start doing some cooking that is fabulous for the cooler weather. I decided to try to host a little "blog recipe exchange".

Here's how it will work. First it will only work if you break down and actually leave a COMMENT. Leave your favorite recipe in the comment section, or the LINK to your favorite recipe somewhere out there. Let's make this one be for main dishes or appetizers! Then I'll post them all in another post along with sharing a few of my favorites.

If you all do a good job in sharing, then we can do another one for sides and desserts! :)


SO--- listen to your stomach, dig out your favorite recipe; and share with the world!
(don't know how to post a comment? See the little blue word "comment" on the bottom of this post. Click it- and go from there!)

And I don't know about you but TGIF tomorrow. TGIF. It has been one hell of a week!

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Anonymous said...

I will post my favorite one!I just have to find it!