Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day of Moms Day Out.... then and now

Today was Hannah's first day of Moms Day Out! I picked her up a littler early because I knew she wouldn't make it until 130, but they said she did great the whole time! Not that I was worried, she's a pretty laid back little thing!

While she was at MDO, I went to volunteer in Brooke's classroom. That is going to be a whole 'nother post but I will say that it was fun, and I was very impressed by how things go in the classroom.
Brooke started Moms Day Ouy when she was Hannah's age; different location- same age. I thought I'd give you a little comparison of my two girls at this stage, including their pictures.

Small and mighty
Laid back
Self entertains
Happy and ornery
Great fine and large motor skills
Not a lot of talking going on yet, but definately starting to head that direction
A little lover / sweetie
Her pics from today:

Brooke-at 18 months
Very particular and schedule oriented
Not much of a self-entertainer
loved art projects
Lots of words and talking
Very social and busy
She was sweet too
Her pic from her first day of MDO:

I think they look so much alike but yet different enough they are definately their own little person. They are my little princesses, and I'm so blessed to have them!

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The Mochrie's said...

And I was there for both of their first days - how awesome is that . . .