Saturday, April 4, 2009

Whew-Birthday festivities are DONE!

It has been a long day! Wednesday was a long day!! But we celebrated Brooke's 5th birthday big and wonderfully!

On Wednesday, I went to her class at 1030. We had her (aforementioned) snacks, she shared items out of her "me" bag (which included a favorite book, favorite movie, her favorite baby-doll, a pic of her and Hannah, and some random toy she had temporarily attached herself to). She was leader that day-- which excites her something serious. After school, she asked if we could go to lunch. I told her I'd already decided we would do that. I'd picked HuHot-a mongolian grill that she loves and had asked about a few times the week prior. So as we pulled into the parking lot she says "that looks like Daddy's truck." I say certainly that can't be, but before I finish my sentence she is squealing "daddy daddy daddy"!! We'd planned for Matt to take off work early and surprise her by meeting us for lunch. She was so excited.

After lunch, she and daddy went to pick Hannah up from grandma's, while I went to get her cake. Once Hannah got settled down for a nap, we gave Brooke her gift from us:
She was a lllittttllllleee excited to get her very own, real (not "fisher price real"-but REAL) digital camera. We were having trouble deciding what to get her, and found this one on sale and at a reasonable price considering it was for a little girl. She loves to pretend with my old camera I gave her to play with, and she always wants to try to take pictures with my camera, so we thought this would be good. She's got a learning curve ahead of her, but she is certainly very excited about the gift. I love the picture above.
After naps were over (or should I say movie time. Brooke has not napped for over a week now. She needs to, because she's crabby and difficult, but all we've been able to do is get her to lay in her room and watch a movie and have quiet time). Anyways, that evening, we met our friends the Housers and grandma/grandpa at Olive Garden for dinner. This is one of Brooke's favorite restaurants (the other being Subway). The Houser's are good friends of ours with two boys (and a big sister but we don't see that college chic much)--the boys are around 9 and 11 or so. Brooke LOVES LOVES LOVES them. Especially the oldest one, Greg. Anyways, she always wants them at her birthday parties but we decided they were too old so we had them to dinner with us instead. After OG, they came back to the house with us, where Papa Harris (great grandpa) met us, for cake. That was a long day.

Fast forward to Friday. The day before the party that was supposed to be at Beech Lake on Saturday afternoon. We'd been stressing the weather all week long, but on Friday morning a bigger worry came into play-- they had scheduled a big Easter Egg Hunt/pics with the Bunny at Beech Lake for Saturday afternoon! Even if that was in a different section, we couldn't imagine it NOT being crowded. So Friday morning, trying not to have a panic attack, I quickly got a moonwalk booked and switched the venue to our house. Now we just had the weather to continue to worry about.
So the temps today were gorgeous- around 70. The winds---horrendous!! I bet it was blowing 35+mph all afternoon and it kept getting worse. Fortunately the kids did not seem to notice; I think it probably bothered the parents more than anything, but the whole gang were a bunch of troopers. The kids played in the moonwalk, the playhouse, and dug in the rocks; we ate yummy cookies (decorated like beach balls and palm trees--it had been a "Beach/Beech" theme), had an Easter Egg hunt (why not? easter's next week!), and had a great time. I had two seriously pooped out little girls by the end of the day. Everyone left, and we had grandma/grandpa, and great-grandma here for dinner (pizzahut).

So nowwww..... everything is "done" and we're on the downhill slide to the BIG TRIP. We had so much fun celebrating our big girls' day and hope she loved it too!

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