Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sum-it-up Saturday

We've got a real fun day planned around here. Laundry.
But that's okay since it is in anticipation of finishing up packing for our trip!

Matt is off work again today--and is spending the morning running some errands.
If the weather holds off then I'll probably run some errands this afternoon.

A recent conversation--
Me "I need to go get a new swim suit cover up"
Matt "Don't you have one?"
Me "Yes but it's getting all frayed and cruddy looking"
Matt "Well you got it cheap in Nassau didn't you?"
Me "YES. that is why, since I paid $10 for it TWO YEARS AGO, I think I'm plenty deserving to go get a new one. I think I've gotten my money's worth!"

Another recent conversation, the other night when I was camera happy. Like this is something new?
Matt "Why are you taking all these pictures?"
Me - blank stare
Matt "Why are you messing with your camera so much this evening"
Me - well-duh-stare "Just because I want to! Better get used to it babe, vacations coming! And you better get it in your head to do some picture taking on this vacation so I can actually make it INTO some shots!"

The rest of our recent little WORTH-while moments--

*Hannah's 3rd tooth popped thru this week. It's on top, but weirdly enough it is one of her eye-teeth and not one of the front ones.
*I cleaned Brooke's room one day this week, and miraculously enough it is still clean. Same for our room. Now i just need to get Hannah's done.
*Saw the movie "Marley and Me" with Debbie- in the Collinsworth theatre. It was cute. People say "Wasn't it sad? Doesn't the dog die?" and to that I say "Don't all dogs die eventually?"
*We went to the art fair at Brooke's school. They had some super-cute little projects they had done. Now I need to find places to display it all!
*We did a re-fi on our house and finally got it closed yesterday. A savings of $235/month on our house payment. That'll be nice!
Some pics from my picture-happy evening:

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Erin said...

You have some darn cute girls! Hope you all have a good trip!