Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So far behind!

Not enough hours in the day.

Not enough attention span in my head!

I'm a little behind on blogging, PTOing, cleaning, whatever-ing.

I know I owe you several recipes. I'll get caught up again sometime, I promise! In the meantime, we went to see Toy Story on Ice this weekend. Our third Disney on Ice show, it was, as always, fun and cold :) We were in the 4th row.

Hannah and I before the show:

Brooke and Matt before the show:

hannah wearing the foam alien hat that was attached to the $10 bag of cotton candy.

Our buddies Mickey and Minnie were there

And obviously all the Toy Story gang. It was a compilation of all three stories.

Loved the barbies. Barbie and Ken kinda stole the show! But my pic of them is blurry.

And the trolls were funny!

The aliens were a hoot too. "ooh. The Claaawwwwww"

We love taking our kids to things like this. Not only does it give us a Disney fix in between trips, but it's just fun to watch them taking this kind of stuff in!

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