Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life at the Zoo

My mom came to visit for a few days.

We decided to spend a morning at the zoo.

Thought you might like to come along!

It was a cool, gorgeous morning...with virtually no one at the zoo. That means we didn't have to wait for a turn to take pics climbing on any of the statues.

Mom and the girls.

The girls and me.

The giraffes were hanging out very close to the fence.

I think we could have fed them from where we were standing if we really wanted to!

The lion was c-r-a-n-k-y. He came down from his Lion King boulder and paced back and forth and was roaring like a madman.

I like flowers.

Love the hairdo on this bird. I so could not pull off that look.

The gorillas were one of the highlights of the day. We've got a great gorilla exhibit here, and they always seem to come hang out by the windows, which is fun. I think this was Virgil. He and Hannah spent a lot of time checking each other out.

Contemplating something serious.

Love this picture.

The tigers were pacing around a lot too!

The other highlight of the morning-- the baby chimp!! She was a year old! There was a sign up that had the birthdate listed and below it, it said Sex with the symbol for female next to it. Brooke thought it was the birthdate and the name, so she goes "Ohhhh...look at Sex. She's so cute". It was hysterical. Don't tell her I told you that story!

The baby chimp (whom we later decided to name Hannah) was climbing all over the fence. Then she began her descent....

And plopped down right on top of a sleeping adult chimp. We thought, "uh oh, sex, you are in trouble now!"

Then we decided it must be her mommy, because they cuddled right up to each other for a nap. It was super sweet.

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