Monday, September 5, 2011

My weekend via Instagram

Some of the cooler blog chics post their life via instagram every Friday. I'm not cool, nor am I that organized. I do, however, love the Instagram app on my iphone. Here's a glimpse of a bit of my weekend via Instagram

Dirty Dancing on Netflix streaming. Irritated with Netflix, always in love with "Dirty Dancing". And I think it's a total travesty that they are thinking about remaking it. I'm not one who usually cares about remakes, etc...but that one is a C-L-A-S-S-I-C and I think remaking it is an insult to our belove Patrick Swayze. Like they will ever be able to TOUCH the perfection that is the original version. Yeesh.

Brooke loves art. I love Brooke. I love Brooke's art. Especially when it has narration to it. If you can't read the pic, it says "A small island at the cribian sea with fish and a shell." Girl after my own heart.

Baked some of these. Reverse peanut butter cups. They are yummy.

HALL-LE-LU-JIAH. Hallelujiah. Halle Lay Lou Yah. Praise be to God. I swear, it's like a double-shot of Zoloft in the form of a weather forecast.

Many moons ago, I watched this show on TLC called "A Dating Story". Like "baby story" and "love story" but instead, "Dating Story." A couple went on a date. The restaurant had these, for S'moores desserts. Not such a rare find these days, but harder to find back then! My inlaws' neighbor at the time owned a Chinese restaurant, and he had one of these pu-pu platter things in his back room that he gave us. We love breaking out the pupu platter for Smoore's night.

Went to what's left of Beech lake for a picnic today. Enjoyed the new playground, and went exploring around the old shooting range. Even picked up some non-broken clay pigeons. We decided it was like hunting for seashells in Kansas.

Had Matt's folks and our good friends the Houser's over for dinner. We've known them and done things with them for a long time. Brooke has loved Greg for-ev-er, and apparently Hannah loves him too. Here she is sneaking a smooch on him. He's such a good sport about it!

I've got a few recipes to post for you too, coming up soon, I promise! Have a great (short!) week!

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