Monday, June 20, 2011

Grocery Cart Guy

Excuse me for a minute while we take a little detour from the vacation recapping. I have to stay in tune with some of my general randomness on here!

So, have I told you about Grocery Cart Guy? No? Well, I shall.

You know the guys at the big stores that go out and get the carts from the cart corrals, bring them back to the building, rescue them from abandoned places around the parking lot?

You know, the grocery cart guys? Well, there is the GCG at our Walmart. For over two years now, he always speaks to me when I go there. And not just a "hi" a conversation. And when i leave, I usually hear him from the cart corral a few aisles over saying something to me too. A time or two he has even saw me pushing my cart out to the car, and met me there from across the way and helped me unload my cart.

No, he doesn't appear to be mentally handicapped. Apparently, my charm, beauty, and sparkling personality draws him in. I don't know.

We have brief chats about the kids, vacations, Christmas, dinner, school, etc. Just general chitchat stuff. But what is weird is that I ALWAYS see him. OR, he ALWAYS sees me. Today for example, I did NOT see him at the grocery carts, but he came across me in the check out line and stopped to chat. It's kind of strange.

It doesn't bother me so much. It kinda trips Matt out a little. I assure him that he seems to be a very nice guy (to which Matt says "that's what they all say"), and I virtually never go to Walmart when it's dark.

After he left me in the check out line today, I asked the checker what his name was. It is Kyle. I told her, "Well he always talks to me, and I just didn't know his name." She said "oh really? he doesn't talk to a lot of people usually."

Am I just that fabulous that I draw the GCG to chat? I do try to make a point of being smiley and kind to most people I run into, but yeesh.

Well I just thought I'd tell you. What do you think? Weird? Guy just being friendly? I figure it's fairly harmless since it is usually when I am at Walmart in the morning and it's always busy. He doesn't know my name, and I think I'll keep it that way!

But if I ever say "I'm going to run errands" and don't return.... go find the GCG at Walmart, he would be a good place to start the investigation.

We now return to our regular programming.

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