Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cherry On Top Award

Whooo hoo I got a little blog award. Kind of a pass-it-on-amongst your bloggy friends thing, but fun nonetheless.
Abbe at All Dolled Up nominated me for a Cherry on Top award. How sweet. Most blogs blow mine out of the water, I'm so random in my thoughts. But whoo hoo.
Youv'e heard me mention Abbe before, like here. She's great.
So in this pass-it-along thing I'm supposed to tell you three things about me, and nominate 5 other blogs to pass the award along to. things.... I love the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. There are 16 books in all, and I have all of them. Fun, quick reads that are a good combination of fun, mystery, and a bit of romance. To add to this tidbit, I just love to read....
Thing #2....I'm a people pleaser. Not a "I'll do whatever you ask and let you walk all over me" kind of people pleaser...more of a "what's wrong? Can I fix it?" or "do you REALLY like these cookies I made?" "Is that alright with you that I just go ahead and do this?" kind of person. I just want to make people happy, I want to make things right in the world of my friends and loved ones, I want to be liked/loved.
Thing #3...Church camp is one of the happiest things from my youth. Church camp saved my soul. God showed me what it was to fellowship with people who had Jesus in their heart, and it made me want to spend my life surrounded by such wonderful people. That desire paved a solid way for me through high school, and college, and beyond. Loving Jesus, and learning to do so while spending time at church camp, made me surround myself with Jesus-lovers through all those years...and thus helped me to avoid some of the rockier roads other people may choose to take. I wish every kid could experience that every summer. The world would be a happier place if everyone fellowshipped like that.
Now onto the blogs I am passing this award onto... i'm terrible about bookmarking blogs and just hop from here to there to there a lot, so we'll see who all I can remember the URL's for.
First off is Jodi. I was introduced to her blog almost three years ago, about a month after she gave birth to twins at 23 weeks, lost her beloved son Logan, and began the fight to keep her sweet Olivia beating the odds. Since meeting in the blog world we've been facebook friends, New Kids on the block concert attenders together, and have become great friends (though we don't get together often enough. I think that about a lot of people though haha). Jodi's little Olivia has sure come a long ways in the last 2.5 years!
Then there is Jamie. (Why I have all these blogs of preemies i am not sure, since I am not part of that little world...but I'm glad I do). Actually Jamie and I went to school together in high school (or was it junior high?) for a little while. She too gave birth entirely too early to triplets...and she too sadly lost a son....and has since been very busy raising Lindy and Will through their NICU trials, their growth and development, and the all out craziness of being a mother of two.
Not that she needs a blog award or will ever know that I nominated her...but The Pioneer Woman is my favorite blog of all time. I check it at least once a day. She has all things I love on there..random life stories, fabulous recipes, and photography stuff. So for the one or two souls out there who are not yet familiar with should sooo head on over there!
Finally, (yes I know that's just four), Michelle. I read her blog because she's an old friend of Matt's, a new friend of mine, and it is interesting reading. I like reading about her year long experiment of living on the modern day equivalent to WWII Rations. I have zero interest in participating or trying the experiment myself. I also have zero interest in trying some of the things she has tried (like COW HEART?) in the last six months. But I do certainly get a kick out of reading about it. They are the opposite of us: conservation friendly, campers, "roughing it" kinda folks.... We like 4 and 5 star resorts and air And yet we are both so loveable!
Head on over to their blogs and check them out. And now's your turn to pass on the Cherry On Top award.
Thanks for stopping by!

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