Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weird Eats?

There are some shows on the Food Network and Travel Channel that take eating "Weird stuff'" to a whole new level. Sometimes I start gagging just watching them, and I'd probably lose any of the "food challenges" on Survivor. (Unless I was in the finale of a show like that and I was only one larva beetle away from a million dollars).

Anyways, we do a different version of weird eats around here. It's "whatever it takes to get these kids to eat breakfast." This parenting style has not been without its consequences. For example, about 2.5 years ago, Matt offered Brooke a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast.... which she was thrilled to accept. Now, she will ONLY eat PBJ at breakfast time. If you suggest putting one in her lunch box, or having one for dinner, she looks at you like you are on crack. "Mom, I only eat PBJ forBreakfast!" Ironically, she doesn't say that when I tell her we're having pancakes for dinner. Another item that has been reduced to a breakfast item is grilled cheese sandwiches. So far, I've not even offered that to Hannah for breakfast b/c it is a go-to item for lunch and dinner for her! I personally could eat them any time of day. And I can't physically eat a cup of tomato soup unless I have grilled cheese to go with it.

This blog post was inspired by the fact that this morning when I went into Hannah's room, she said "cookie?!"--- and I told her no. When we got downstairs and got dressed, she asked for a "nack"--snack. I've been battling to get breakfast down her lately.... today I figured out a magic solution (for the moment), I made her an eggo waffle (which she used to gobble up with syrup on it), and drizzled a little melted chocolate on it. I know, I know, not the greatest thing. But I want her to fill her little tummy up. She ate the entire waffle. Whatever works, I say!

Other dazzling combinations that have been seen for breakfast around here.... cheese and crackers and fruit. Fruit cups and cheese sticks. I've been known to take some leftover cream-chicken stuff from dinner the night before and put it over toast (because the leftovers are so good and I don't want to wait till lunch or dinner to eat them!). I've never been one to eat cold pizza, but I will warm up spaghetti for breakfast on occasion for myself.

Let me tell ya, sometimes you just need a break from granola bars or yogurt.

So, are you a weird-eats family too?

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Michelle said...

We occasionally do toast and peanut butter for breakfast. Phoebe doesn't like her toast too "toasty", so she used to leave the bread in the toaster just longer enough to slightly warm it. Now she doesn't even bother and goes for a straight PBJ. It works!