Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Upcoming Reunion

Next weekend, I am going to be attending my 15-year class reunion.

I'm about....75% excited...15% nervous, and 10% dreading it.

I'm excited to see old friends and classmates, see how life is treating them, what they've been up to. I'm excited to let some of my current life mingle with my past life (hubby and classmates). I'm excited to show off (at least pictures of) my gorgeous girls. I'm excited to share the time with my old "bff" from junior high. she didn't graduate with us but she's coming to attend the reunion with me so she can catch up with folks too.

I'm nervous (and therefore dreading) it....because my tummy is not the size I'd like it to be. My ass is not the size I'd like it to be. I mean, it could be worse. And I'm alright. I don't want people thinking "angie looks like crap!". I'd like them to think "wow she hasn't changed" or something fabulous like that. But you always wonder if you can suck that gut in just enough to not have people making fun of you later that night with their spouse ;) There are those girls who will look just as fabulous or more so than when we graduated. I'm probably not one of them! (I've never been in the "gorgeous" or "fabulous" category anyways). I found an old friend from elementary on facebook--she moved --gee--in about 4th grade maybe? She's Gorgeous!

But I guess one can hope that we're all way past that kind of stuff now. Everyone should be a little nicer than they were, a little happy to see you, a little past all the crap that goes along with junior high and high school. I remember running into an old friend/classmate at my brother's wedding and I was nothing but THRILLLLLEDDD to see him and give him a hug and chat for awhile. I'm hoping this reunion is just that same feeling multiplied by all the different people we're going to get to see!!!

Since our road trip to Iowa last weekend got cancelled because Brooke got sick, the whole family is going with me for this trip. So it'll be great to have Matt along, it'll be great for the girls to see Papa Terry and Grandma Diane, and hopefully get to meet some of my old friends. Then we're going to drive to Grandma Jenn and Pap a Brad's house for a night. So the girls will get to see all their grandparents...and we are going to snag a night at Great Wolf lodge on the way home.

So I guess...I'm excited for the weekend as whole. Hope all goes well, everyone stays healthy, everyone's happy to see each other. We're mostly just going to the Friday night get together, so I can certainly suck up enough self confidence for a couple of hours, right?!

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