Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thru the eyes of a five-year-old

For Brooke's 5th birthday-in April-we got her a little digital camera. She's just like mommy and loves taking pictures, always asking to use my camera. Finally-the other day, I downloaded what she had taken. I made a folder on the computer entitled "brooke's pictures".

So far it appears that her favorite subjects are her fish-Tony, her stuffed animals, her sister, and herself. She had lots of "self portraits." When I downloaded the pics from MY camera from our vacation, I found she had gotten her hands on the camera once and had taken about 3 self-portraits.
I thought I'd share some of her pictures with you can see our world thru the eyes of my five year old:
Do not attempt to adjust your computer screen.... or your eyes... the blurriness is part of the art.
Tony the fish. There was about a dozen pics of this:

This is Max, her beloved dog from Build-A-Bear. She went
and got him out of her bed to pose on the couch for a mini
photo session. We had about 10 pics of Max.
Papa-- taken at Olive Garden on her bday about 2 hrs after
she got the camera.
Daddy had no idea she was taking pics of him here:
We had several self portraits- here's some of my favorites:
We were going to let her take her camera on the trip, but I was already taking my "big camera", my "little camera" and the video camera. I didn't want one more to keep track of. It would've been interesting to see what she got though!

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