Friday, July 20, 2012

Things I said this week

I have had a lot of moments this week where I stopped and thought, "I'm getting old" or "I'm channeling my {mother} {grandmother} {grandpa}"  or "I've lost my mind"

Here is a peek at some of these moments and the words that prompted them.

"Seriously? I can't even go poop without you asking me for something? Do you really think I'm going to get your goldfish RIGHT THIS MINUTE?"

"I'm sorry Max, did the clippers buzz your nuts?"

"You know how hot it is outside? Do you know that we pay a lot of money to keep our house cool? And everytime you open the door, you are letting our cold air out? Can you just possibly wait 95 seconds for me to come inside to ask me that question instead of opening the door 5 times??"

"I've just got to sit here and cool off for a few minutes."

"You don't want to eat breakfast this morning? Okay, whatever"

My personal favorite

"My phone seems to be stuck on the forecast for HELL"

"Is it fall yet?"

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